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The seller "josefernando2004", now "4eversell" (since Dec. 21, 2005) is selling on e-bay fake plates of Orenstein & Koppel, Linke Hofmann Lauchhammer and Central Uruguay Railway.

The builder plate of Orenstein & Koppel is a small one that came from a boiler of a narrow gauge steam locomotive (the boiler survived until 2003 when was scrapped but the plate was rescued and preserved), the number is 11652 from 1928. The original one was stolen and copied by a friend of the seller, called Carlos Coppola, so now the replicas are being sold on e-bay. The seller has sold at least three of them. The locomotive boiler had only ONE. The original plate is still missing, police is working on that. The item numbers on e-bay were: 6540067560 (Jun-22-05), 290045870465 (Nov-08-06), 300087141198 (Mar-09-07).

Pictures of the ORIGINAL plate before it was stolen (May 24, 2003):

Picture of the boiler of 11652 little before it was scrapped (July 7, 2003):

The builder plates of Linke Hofmann Lauchhammer (2665, 1925) being sold are copies, the real one is owned by the Uruguayan Railfan Association. At least three of them were sold on e-bay. The item numbers were: 6544809159 (Jul-14-05), 6552442951 (Aug-16-05), 290060218133 (Dec-15-06).

Pictures of the ORIGINAL plate:

Pictures of the locomotive being restored (31/8/2002 and 10/5/2003):

The locomotive had only one plate, the other was lost a long time ago (in 1991 it wasn´t on the locomotive). The copies were made at the same time that the O&K one by Carlos Coppola. The original plate was recovered by the Uruguayan Police on 2005. The seller is telling on the e-bay item description that "This builders plate was found in a disarmament of Locomotives, it was to the bleakness, buried in the earth, we didn't want to clean in excess this piece for not ruining it." That is not true because the locomotive was not scrapped and is being restored by Uruguayan Railfan Association and there is no "disarmament of Locomotives" in Uruguay. And the plate is dirty because that is used not to show that the plate is fake (and new). The seller also tells that he has an invoice of an auction of the State Railway Administration (AFE) telling that the plate was purchased by him. The ONLY problem is that the locomotive in question (number 4 of the Montevideo Port) was NEVER owned by the railway administration, so it is impossible that the plate was auctioned by them. AND the locomotive only had TWO of that plates, but only one is missing, so how he has sold THREE???

There are also copies of a builder plate of a passenger car of the Central Uruguay Railway from 1902 that was also copied and put on e-bay and Mercado Libre by this seller or other sellers that have purchased them from "4eversell". Also we believe that there are builder and number plates of Beyer Peacock steam locomotive 122 of 1910 that are fake (one put on e-bay to be sold as item 290045869159, Nov-08-06).

Last update: Central Uruguay Railway builderplate with date 1902 and a Brill railcar builderplate were returned to his owner. There is a CUR builderplate of 1913 and another Brill railcar builderplate that are ORIGINALS so there is no problem if you purchase them.